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Our Approach

We make it simple and affordable for you to have a beautiful, efficient, and sustainable place to live.


“The firm is creative, personable, and rose to the challenges of my project. They are as excited as I am to help my space really shine. My first-time experience was much better because Riley Projects educated me throughout the design and construction process.” - NG

More with less.

We are committed to creating beautiful, functional projects that create long-term, lasting value.

At our core is a design approach that focuses on simplicity and efficiency while using natural light and materials to provide warmth and unique character. We are constantly working to improve our processes, clean up our supply chains, minimize waste, optimize building systems, and customize our services to better meet the needs of you, our customer.


Modern Design

Form, Function & Detail

Simple forms, clean lines, and flexible organization provides you a space that meets your needs today and that adapts in the future to stand the test of time.

Efficiency & Resilience

High performance, low operating-cost systems and finishes help reduce living expenses and allow for a self-sufficient and renewable energy profile that can weather the storm.

Exceptional Quality

Natural Materials

Natural and minimally processed materials reduce embodied energy, allow for cradle-to-cradle lifecycles, and create a warm, durable, and forgiving environment for years to come.

Health & Wellness

Avoiding toxins enhances indoor air quality. Diurnal lighting makes for more comfortable lighting, and sound isolation makes for a more peaceful, quiet living space.

Responsible Production

Minimize Impact

We are committed to minimizing the negative impact of our projects throughout the project lifespan addressing design, material sourcing, labor practices and occupant health.

Total Transparency

We know that the only way to achieve our goals is to collect detailed information about our supply chains, processes, and operations and share that information with you.

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