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Natural Materials

Getting back to basics.

Biophilic Design

Connect with nature.

We help our clients redefine their relationship with nature by creating ample opportunities for indoor-outdoor spaces. Navigating the delicate balance between transparency and privacy, we craft spaces with visual connections to the outdoors and seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors.

We maximize living space by extending that space to the outdoors. Whether it’s a space for gardening, entertaining, lounging, or cooking, outdoor living is fundamental to our design philosophy.

Regenerative Landscapes

Restore local ecosystems.

Native landscapes

Using climate appropriate and native plantings, we can create a habitat for bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators that will sustain and enhance the local environment.

Edible gardens

Well planned fruit and vegetable cultivation can result in abundant fresh local food, minimize waste, and provide a human connection to the resources and energy that goes in to the food we eat.

Rainwater Harvesting and Infiltration

Storm water retention not only captures water for irrigation use, it helps prevent system overloads that result in pollution of our oceans and rivers.

Attention to Detail

Small things make a big difference.

Joinery, patterns, and textures are what bring the world into focus. Details are not an afterthought; it’s the details that make a project extraordinary. We design details that are aesthetically pleasing, robust, and can withstand the test of time.