Riley Projects | Architecture & Construction
8800 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90034
United States

Minimize Impact

The way we do things matters as
much as what we do.

Renewable Materials

Low impact

We pursue cradle-to-cradle thinking in evaluating and selecting products and materials. When possible, we look to natural minimally processed materials for both structure and finishes. When synthetics make more sense for performance or durability, we aim to minimize harmful chemicals and maximize recycled content.

Fair Labor

Honest wages for
honest work.

The design, construction, and facility management worlds are full of underpaid, overworked, exploited labor. Starting with our own operations, and extending to those we work with, we work to ensure health and safety standards are met, labor conditions are equitable, and wages and compensation is fair.

Lean Production

Doing more
with less.

The more we do with less, the better off we all are. We employ lean business practices in each step of our process to minimize waste, increase efficiency, and create higher value for all stakeholders while having as reducing negative impact on the environment to the degree that we can.