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Total Transparency

Better information leads to better outcomes.
Origin Tracing

Our design and construction teams research and evaluate where our building materials come from and how they are made in order to minimize negative impacts associated with the products we use. Independent organizations help track and verify an increasing global supply chain while source from small, local suppliers and aligned vendors whenever possible.

Cost Clarity

While price is a deceptively simple metric, we look to realize the true costs of production in evaluating products and materials; recognizing the externalities that can often be neglected in the sticker price we see advertised. We look to trusted resources for in depth analysis and research to provide a complete picture of the costs and profits surrounding production.

Full Disclosure

Exploitation of labor and natural resources is all to prevalent throughout industry; increased transparency will help change that. Our commitment to research and re-evaluate our supply chain on a quarterly basis, and to issue an annual report on both our progress and where we can improve, is a first step in creating a more transparent operation for all to see.