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Health & Wellness.

Be good to yourself.

Air Quality

Breath clean air.

On average, a human takes 20,000 breaths each day. We participate in the EPA Indoor airPLUS program, employing moisture control systems advanced heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, combustion-venting systems, methane and radon resistant construction, and low-emitting building materials.

Water Quality

Drink clear water.

Whole house water filtration systems, coupled with point of service reverse osmosis and mineralization, reduces the harmful chemicals, hormones, plastics, heavy metals and pathogens that can be found in our water supplies.


Grow your own.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables, minimize processed foods, hand washing, safe food preparation materials, Serving sizes, Special diets, Responsible food production, Food storage, communal dining, mindful eating


Easy on the eyes.

By employing advanced lighting design and technologies, circadian lighting systems, light and solar glare control, automated shading and dimming controls, and daylight modeling we create an environment that can improve your health, focus, and sleep.


Get moving.

Spaces designed for fitness and planned for exterior physical activity, along with support for active transportation and fitness equipment means that you will be able to go to the gym, without leaving your home.

Comfort & Security

Find peace and quiet.

Providing accessible and ergonomically designed spaces makes comfort available to you and your guests. Detailing that minimizes both noise intrusion and internally generated noise, promotes thermal and olfactory comfort. And finishes that reduce reverberation, dampen and masking sounds,