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Hi, I am Noah Riley, founder of Riley Projects, an architecture, project management, and real estate development organization based in Los Angeles and working throughout the United States.  Our mission is to make great spaces for modern living while supporting human health and a sustainable existence on our planet.


Our team of talented architects, managers, and builders create simple, beautiful spaces that are built to last.  Our integrated project delivery model provides an efficient and coordinated team structure that adds value throughout the life of a project.


I look forward to the opportunity to show you how we work.

                       - Noah Riley

What we do

Make it simple


Creating elegant simplicity is one of the great challenges in design. We work to find balance, appropriate scale, and proportion in everything that we do, and to respect people and place in all that we make.  We believe that we have only this world, and that we need to do all we can to leave it a better place than we found it.

Turnkey Process

Time is precious. Life is complicated. Our design and production process simplifies all aspects of creating your home - from concept design and finish selection to construction management and project financing - giving you more time to focus on the important things in your life.


Keep it clean

Back to Basics

We provide a warm, modern environment for living and working, simplifying the underlying architecture to make room for you to make it your own.  Clean lines, natural materials, and minimal surfaces provide a canvas for you to customize and accessorize with your own personal style.

Our Responsibilities

Our commitment to "clean" extends beyond design.  From the environmental impact of the production, operation, and maintenance of a space to the personal impact that a living or working environment can have on your well-being, we are committed to building a world that supports a healthy life and a healthy planet.

Natural light

Natural materials

Biophilic Design

Warmth and comfort can be found in the natural world - our circadian rhythms adjust to the changing sunlight throughout the day; our eyes and hands appreciate the variations and imperfections in a stone slab, a wooden plank, or a natural fiber; and the sounds of birds, the wind, the rain, connect us to the world outside our walls and windows. Research in Biophilic Design shows that connection to and care for the natural world is good for us and good for the planet.

Material Sourcing

Use and conservation of renewable resources are critical to creating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that supports a healthy ecosystem.  We are committed to adaptive reuse of buildings and materials when possible, and sourcing new materials that are responsibly and ethically produced.


Focus on function

High Performance

Efficient, functional design and carefully sourced products and materials allow us to deliver high-performance construction. Our projects target the California 2020 ZNE (Zero Net Energy) building code requirements and employ Passive House design principles to achieve exceptional energy conservation. With robust quality assurance/quality control protocols, we can produce projects that are best-in-class in specification and production.

A place to unwind

I’m pretty jealous of this house. The whole thing feels clean, fresh and modern . . . and yet totally warm and inviting. If I ever wanted to build a house in LA I would absolutely consider having Noah Riley be the architect.  - Emily Henderson 

Custom Services

We are your one-stop shop for custom project services, providing integrated design and project management throughout each phase of a project life cycle.  From start to finish, and beyond, we are your partners in project delivery. 



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